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Custom Jewelry Designs


When it comes to custom design, we have worked hard to develop a reputation for unique and distinctive jewelry. If a client does not find exactly what he or she is looking for within the exclusive jewelry collections on display, or if a client wishes to redesign that out-dated or worn-out piece of jewelry into something new and exciting, our professional staff will help design that special one-of-a-kind piece!


Your design will be made by our exceptionally talented goldsmiths who have the ability to make your dreams come true by creating or recreating your design in 14K, 18K or platinum. For example, if you brought in an engagement ring that didn’t quite lend itself to be worn with most traditionally styled wedding bands, our design staff is able to help fulfill your dreams by designing a wedding band that perfectly fits with that engagement ring to complete your wedding set look.

Our Custom Design Process

Bring us a picture or let us draw you a one of a kind design.
Our jeweler will hand carve a wax mold that will become your custom ring.
You make a visit to approve the wax carving.
Leave the work to us! Soon we will introduce you to your custom keepsake design.


We always have a fabulous assortment of loose diamonds and gemstones in all colors and price ranges. Don’t hesitate when deciding who to trust with your precious creation. We aren’t satisfied unless you are! Let us help you design exactly what you envision or even bring your masterpiece to life!

Custom Logo Work

Let us turn your corporate logo or symbol into something special! Whether you’ve got a design already or need us to put one together for you, we can satisfy your every need. The workmanship of our finished product is our good reference, so we’ll make sure you are pleased with your new piece!

Recreating Heirlooms

Your family heirloom can be passed from generation to generation and become part of an inheritance or more simply, something that all members of the family used to celebrate your heritage. Creating a family heirloom is very simple to do. It needs to be something that is cherished and something that has emotional value to make it an item that becomes an heirloom. It can even be a tradition that you have created that stands the test of time, memorializing a family member or a trip abroad, generation after generation to uphold the family spirit. Providing a connection to family members and a link to the past is a priceless emotional experience.
Reines Jewelers can help you create that perfect piece of jewelry to showcase those wonderful memories. Some of the finest artisans and craftsman are on staff. We also work with leading industry designers and suppliers to make your ideas come to life, or create original ideas for your consideration. Reusing diamonds, gems and your “old gold” is a great way to add meaning to a new piece while reducing your financial investment. Bring in your unused items and let’s talk about your options, we can help you design something unique and truly meaningful.

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