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Jewelry Repair


Our repair specialists have over 70 years of combined experience with repairs and customization. We specialize in all types of repairs from simple solders to complicated ring re-sizing. We have all the machinery and tools needed to repair your special piece of jewelry correctly and in a timely manner. Repair estimates are complimentary, as well as our jewelry inspection and cleaning service.

Reines & Rogers Jewelers Specializes In:

Gold jewelry repair
Platinum jewelry repair
Silver jewelry repair
Laser soldering
Ring re-sizing
Pearl and bead restringing
Prong re-tipping
Stone setting
Remount & restyling
Buffing & polishing
Rhodium plating
Class ring repair/re-sizing
Estate jewelry repair
Diamond & gemstone replacement
And much more…
Reines & Rogers Jewelers provides personal service where we treat your jewelry with care and bring new life to broken and tired pieces. No job is ever too big or too small.

Diamond Cutting & Repair Service

At Reines & Rogers Jewelers we offer full diamond re-cuts, reshaping, and repair service for rounds and fancy shape diamonds. We can also cut your rough diamonds to provide you with the best quality yield.

With over 45 years of diamond cutting experience, our associates can help turn your old style broken or chipped diamond into a new modern cut for the beauty and symmetry of the diamond.

The “before” pictures to the left show an old miners cut or a European cut diamond with a large chip on the left half. The “after” picture shows a perfectly cut diamond to reflect light and beauty.

You don’t have to wait until your diamond is chipped, re-cutting old (miners and European) cut diamonds is a very popular and cost-effective way to restore your jewelry. The beauty is hiding beneath the surface of the diamond it just needs a little help to bring it out!


Reines & Rogers Jewelers has a complete watch repair shop staffed with a highly trained and skilled watchmaker. With over thirty years of experience, our watch maker specializes in the thorough and professional complete servicing of mechanical and automatic movements, high-grade Swiss watches, quartz movements, and all watches in between.

Extend Your Watch’s Life

When you invest in a quality timepiece it is important to maintain it with regular, quality service, thereby extending the overall life of you watch and maintaining its accurate time keeping ability. Our watch maker has the training, experience, and integrity to help ensure the best performance out of your timepiece.

Watch Battery Replacement

No need to worry if your battery dies! Reines & Rogers Jewelers can replace the battery in almost any watch brand while you wait. If your watch is water resistant, simply leave your watch and we will pressure test and evaluate your watch to ensure the integrity of your watch is maintained.

Other Watch Testing And Repair

Our testing equipment can evaluate a watch’s efficiency and functions to ensure the watch is accurately keeping time and can be adjusted as needed. Crystals on watches are prone to scratches and damage through everyday wear. We are happy to replace or repair your crystal as needed. De-magnetization can sometimes happen and cause watches to stop or not keep accurate time, Let us help in all your watch’s needs.

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We Have Jewelry Professionals Ready To Help.
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