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Gold & Diamond Buying


If you are looking to sell your unwanted jewelry, diamonds, watches, or jewelry from a family estate, Reines & Rogers Jewelers can help you. Our staff of trained jewelry professionals, GIA gemologists and estate buyers have the goal of providing our clients with the highest quality of service and expertise in a friendly atmosphere. With years of experience and a well-earned reputation, we employ a staff of trained jewelry and estate professionals who can help you navigate this process with consideration and respect. In addition to diamonds, gold and fine jewelry watches including Rolex, Patek Philippe and other fine watches including pocket watches. If you are also trying to create some extra cash, those broken chains and rings lying around in your jewelry box will surprise you with how much cash Reines can offer.


Reines & Rogers Jewelers purchases diamonds both loose and mounted. We also buy damaged and broken diamonds.

Our Consultation Process

Reines & Rogers Jewelers will evaluate your jewelry, diamonds and watches at no charge and no obligation. Our assessment of an item is based on its intrinsic worth as well as its aesthetic value, desirability and workmanship. We will provide you with a thorough valuation of your items. No appointment is necessary but if you wish to schedule a private consultation please feel free to contact us. At Reines & Rogers Jewelers, confidentiality is always assured.

Please feel free to contact us..

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